Putting the fun in dysfunction

Hello FitChatt friends,

It’s been a while. Partly because I’ve been busy, but mostly because I’ve been slacking. For months. And it’s getting more and more discouraging.

Last week, I decided to be much more diligent in my food intake. I would cut out snacking and eat meals as recommended by my nutritionist. So, I tried to be incredibly mindful of my choices, all while knowing that this weekend was Brewfest… and I was going to have fun.

So, I did. And any progress I made went promptly down the drain. After making a number of distinctly healthier choices and cutting my calories for several days and feeling so proud of my self-control, I spent a couple of days blowing it out with drinks and junk food and am not only back where I started, but I’m UP two pounds. It’s incredibly frustrating.

And more frustrating still, I’ve gotten so lackadaisical with my working out, because I’m trying to cut back financially and as such, gave up my membership to Orangetheory and have had a very difficult time motivating myself to work out on my own or attend yoga or Barre or Crossfit, for which I still have remaining classes.

I am a creature of habit, it seems, and without routine, I find it extremely easy to stray. For example, my diet is much easier to follow during the week because I can do things routinely and without thinking. But, the weekends are always so hectic and fun, I can’t hang on.

Same goes with working out. If I do the same thing every day, I get hooked and can manage to become consistent. But, the moment I slide off the hook, it’s all over.

So, what to do? I guess I just keep pushing through and trying to build myself up to getting into a new routine.

What kind of routine works best for you?


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